pencil portraits

Recently I made these 30×22″ pencil portraits. I suspect this type of straightforward drawing just has to be the most sell-able type of thing I can make, though I also suspect that outside of commissioned assignments, I probably need to draw recognizable people for that to really be the case. And I’m not calling these … Continue reading pencil portraits

Lately I’ve been pretty satisfied with how my drawing is coming along, and though I’m still not close to where I’d like to end up, I’ll also admit that I’d expected it to be more difficult than it has been to improve as much as I have in the past year. This got me to … Continue reading

drawing with paint

I’ve always felt pretty strongly that people should have a fairly strong grasp of line and drawing before moving on to more nuanced means of art making. Every time I’ve attempted to learn painting it has kicked my ass and sent me back to drawing with my tail between my legs; Every time I return … Continue reading drawing with paint

I’ve found making art to be most frustrating just before it gets really fun. It’s the most enjoyable when you’re doing something you haven’t done before, and it’s actually turning out well, which I’ve found to be an extremely rare occurrence. Deviating far from your normal tendencies is seldom more than a brain exercise. Doing anything … Continue reading